YoungWonks DART courses focus on fundamentals


3d Modelling

TinkerCad is a free online CAD tool that is perfect for beginners. This cloud-based application allows users to build 3D models with ease using exact measurements in mind (an Autodesk account is necessary to use TinkerCad). Students will 3D model abstract shapes, cars, houses, creatures, Raspberry Pi cases, pencil holders and more. They will also understand the preparation needed to optimize a model for 3D printing. This course is perfect for kids and teens who are passionate about making, inventing and materializing their ideas into real or digital objects.

Video Editing

With the rise of multimedia in popular online video platforms comes the need to bring structure to such videos. Our Video Editing course introduces concepts such as Aspect Ratio, Transitions, Titles, Video/Audio Mixing to students eager to make their own VLOGs, montages and homemade movies. Cinematographic principles are also a part of the curriculum since video editing requires storytelling knowledge to convey a message or feeling to an audience.

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration is the course for students who would like to experience drawing using digital tools. A drawing tablet is required for this class since drawing with a stylus in hand captures the freedom of hand gestures found in hand-drawn illustration. This class will focus on drawing principles such as Perspective, Color Theory, Anatomy, etc, using the free software Krita.

Photo Editing

Using the free photo manipulation program called GIMP, students will learn the basics of Photo Editing. This class will teach students all about Layers, Selection, Image Formats , Resolution and the various specialized tools to manipulate imagery with pixel accuracy . By the end of the course students will have the skills to create patterns, edit photos do face swaps and touch-ups.

2D Animation

Kids and teens who are deeply passionate about their favorite animated films and cartoons will get to know the secrets needed to create traditional animation using the free program called Blender. A drawing tablet is required for this class. This class will teach students all about the 12 Principles of Animation and create assignments such as Walk Cycle, Pendulum and Bouncing Ball.

Vector Graphics

Students enrolled in this course will understand what makes Vector Graphics the preferred technique to create logos, professional presentations, flyers and even web pages. Students will use presentation programs such as Powerpoint and Google Slides to create eye-catching presentations, Figma* will be used to explain how vectors are utilized in UI/UX, and InkScape will be used to explain the concepts of Vector Graphics.

*Figma can only be used by students 13+