Why should I introduce my child for technology education?

Exposing kids and teens to electronics and computer programming helps kindle in them a strong interest in technology and gives kids and teens a lifelong gift of being able to realize their vision by computer programming and using off the shelf electronics hardware. This exposure also helps them in developing strong critical thinking skills and accentuates their logical reasoning skills. These skills will help kids and teens in all aspects of life.

Computer Programming and Engineering disciplines dominate the Silicon Valley and create most number of highly successful businesses in the US. These skills are highly sought after and ensure satisfying and financially secure future.

It's expected that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available but there will be only 400,000 computer science students available. It's a $500 billion opportunity. Even right now the around 60% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs are Computing jobs (Computer Science / Computer Programming jobs).*

Computer science and computer programming is now being used in almost all industries. Having computer-programming (coding) skills will give kids an edge even if they don't work in the technology industry.

Why YoungWonks?

We at YoungWonks have been intrigued by the fact that the young generation has a very high level of interest and expertise in the use of computers and electronic devices but the same level of interest is not reflected for computer science, computer programming (coding) and electronics engineering.

After careful thought and research we realized that even though computer science, computer coding (programming) and electronics are immensely interesting, these subjects can be intimidating if the very first introductions to these subjects are not meticulously planned and well implemented.

Proper introduction of the technology concepts to kids and teens is the goal of all YoungWonks programs. The programs strive to build love for the programming languages and technology in general. We have spent years developing a technology curriculum and worksheets that were designed from ground up keeping kids and teens in mind. The curriculum heavily utilizes game development, robotics and home automation based projects to make learning fun and interesting. YoungWonks is a pioneer in the use of IOT (Internet Of Things) devices for technology education. We use devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, Teensy and array of sensors such as cameras, infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors and many more.

Even though it's a program that has been designed kids it has a depth of a top college and university level programs. Advanced level students work on projects that involve advanced computer science concepts of image detection, multithreading, socket programming, full stack web development and more. Most of the program is Python Programming based. Kids and teens also work with Pygame, GPIO, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flask, SQLAlchemy, SQLite and more.

All computer programming (coding) and electronics concepts are taught to kids and teens using the latest programming languages and latest hardware.

YoungWonks has been a pioneer in following a self paced and personalized learning model based on inquiry based learning with assisted practice.

The curriculum emphasizes, learning by doing. Most of the material will be taught by having kids and teens complete projects individually and in small teams.

We have not heard of any other computer science and engineering program in the world that was designed for kids and teens and has the structure and conceptual depth as the YoungWonks Programs.

YoungWonks offers classes to kids and teens from all over the bay area at our facility in Pleasanton CA. Classes are attended by kids and teens from all over the bay area including San Ramon CA, Dublin CA, Livermore CA, Fremont CA, Danville CA, Castro Valley CA and beyond.

YoungWonks also offers online computer programming (coding) classes to students all over the world.

Which of the programs should I enroll in first, which one later?

YoungWonks teaching approach emphasizes on through understanding of fundamental concepts before moving to advanced levels. The preferred sequence of courses attended by kids and teens is below:

Scratch Programming >> Python Programming >> Circuit Magic >> Arduino/Raspberry Pi Prototyping.

If a children or teens already have knowledge of the foundational levels the instructor may decide and allow the kids to skip certain parts of the initial worksheets. Kids will not be asked to repeat what they already know, however the instructor will validate their knowledge so that we can identify if there are any gaps that needs to be addressed. Kids are transitioned from one level to the next when they complete all the worksheets of a level.

Most kids above the age of 9 are enrolled in the accelerated first level (Scratch Programming plus Python Programming) program called SPER. Please discuss your child's age and technology experience with the YoungWonks agent and they can suggest a good starting point for your child.

My child's age is below the suggested age on YoungWonks.com but I feel my child is ready for the program; can I get my child enrolled?

Even though we prefer all attendees to be above a certain age so that they have attained a level of maturity to easily follow the concepts, we do realize that every kid is different and some may be ready sooner than others. If you feel that your kid is ready we can have your child start in the scratch-programming program. Depending on how they do in the program they will be transitioned to next level program.

If my child does very well in the program designed for lower ages, do they have to wait till they attain the suggested age for other programs before they can attend those?

When your child attends one of our programs, the 12 weeks of working with your child gives us a very good measure of your child's skills and ability to understand analytical concepts. It's possible that we may evaluate that your child is ready for one or more of the other programs before they have attained the recommended age.

What is registration fee?

The registration fee is $100. The registration fee is currently waived for those who are enrolling for the first time. So, no registration fee if you enroll now.

If my child's program starts in the middle of the month, am I paying the full months tuition?

Our tuition is for 4-week cycles. Cycle dates are fixed. If you start in the middle of the cycle tuition for the first cycle is prorated and you pay only for the remaining weeks left in the cycle.

When does the next group (class) start?

There is no class start date. This is a self paced program were there are only 4 kids per instructor.

Every kid / teen is allowed to go at their own pace. Even if they started on the same day they are all at different stages in the program after few weeks. Your kid or teen can start the program at any time as long we have an opening in the group. Please contact us to know about our availabilities.

Are YoungWonks online coding classes pre-made videos?

The YoungWonks Online Coding Classes are not pre-recorded videos. They are real time classes with an actual person on the other end. This is a 45-minute class with one on one online instruction. That means 1:1 student to teacher ratio. Your kid or teen will be able to see the instructor real time and vice versa. The instructor will also be able to see your kids / teens computer screen. Kids and teens from all over the world can enroll for YoungWonks online classes.

When can I have my kid start an online class?

Our online classes are one on one with 1:1 student teacher ratio. You can start an online class anytime as long as we have an instructor availability to setup an online class.

We are excited to share with you some great news!

YoungWonks has now been fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC, https://www.acswasc.org). ACS WASC is an academic accreditation agency for public and private universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools in the western US. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Association_of_Schools_and_Colleges

What does the accreditation mean for your kid?

This means that our program and processes were evaluated by a trusted organization and they have given us their seal of approval. You can now reach out to your kids' schools and check if they would be willing to accept YoungWonks level completion certificates as part of the school's electives. We have been told that this is possible for WASC Accredited programs, provided parents make a sufficient push towards this move. If your child has already received a level completion certificate and you wish to get an updated one with WASC logo, please reach out to us with your request and we shall reissue one with the logo.