Meet our instructors

  • Andre Lafosse

    Andre Lafosse

    Andre LaFosse earned a BFA in guitar performance from CalArts in 1997, and has been teaching guitar on a steady basis for nearly two decades, to hundreds of private students of all ages and abilities. For beginners, he has a wide range of approaches to introduce different concepts, and a long history of addressing and correcting problems with physical technique. For more experienced players, Andre has spent extensive time teaching rock, jazz, classical, blues, folk, and world music, as well as writing, improvising, ear training, and studio recording. Beyond specific genres, he encourages ongoing study of the core aspects of playing that exist in any type of music, including tone, rhythm, articulation, phrasing, timing, and dynamics. When not teaching, Andre likes to spend time with family, watch tutorial videos (on both music and non-music subjects), and experiment with electronic music and sound design.

  • Jessica Ryan

    Jessica Ryan

    Jessica teaches Music classes at YoungWonks. Jessica Ryan's love of music goes back to her childhood. Her family enjoys music, and this passion has been passed down from generation to generation She was a recipient in solo recitals, guild auditions, and has received placements in completions and earned scholarships from the Maryland State Music Teachers Association, the Music Teachers Association of Southern Maryland, and the Music Teachers Association of Charles County. She pursued a bachelor's degree in music and graduated in 2015. She also found passion in teaching so what better way than to put them together! Since graduation, she taught students of all ages and levels of advancement through her private home, company, classroom and has once served as a music faculty in a Montessori school. Her favorite composer is Claude Debussy and her favorite quote is "Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art."- Claude Debussy. Her philosophy is that music is not only supposed to be educational but should be fun and enjoyable!