Round 2

Timed Coding Challenge

What is it about?

Round 2 consists of a timed coding challenge in which participants answer challenging coding questions using code before time runs out. Round 2 can be take in Python, C++ or Java.

Where and when?

Round 2 can be attended online (remotely) on Saturday, June 17 2023 at 10 am Pacific Time. This round lasts approximately one hour.

Who can participate?

Kids and teens ages 8-18 from the East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa counties) who have already participated in the previous round (Round 1).

Can persons from other counties participate?

Yes but when the competition that is conducted by YoungWonks takes place for their county's participants, they will not be allowed to participate at that time. They can participate in only one regional event.

What do I get out of it?

All participants who successfully pass Round 2's challenge will get a Finalist Certificate and will be eligible to move on to the final round (Round 3).

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