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Technology education expands creativity and accentuates logical reasoning. Two main pillars of STEM education are Electronics and Computer Science.

These two disciplines dominate the Silicon Valley and create most number of highly successful businesses in the US. These skills are highly sought after and ensure satisfying and financially secure future.

Exposing kids and teens to electronics and computer programming helps kindle strong interest in technology and gives kids and teens a lifelong gift of being able to realize their vision by computer programming (coding) or by assembling and programming off the shelf electronics hardware.

Early exposure to computer science and computer programming also helps kids in developing strong critical thinking skills, which will help them in all areas of life.

It's expected that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available but there will be only 400,000 computer science students available. It's a $500 billion opportunity. Even now, around 60% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs are Computing (Computer Science / Computer Programming) jobs.*


YoungWonks Computer-Science, Coding and Electronics programs give kids and teens a solid foundation to visualize and create new products. It provides them the skills to give shape to their vision. This program encourages kids and teens to imagine, create and make. We believe in giving kids and teens the tools that will enable them to be innovators and build products and solutions of the future.

YoungWonks has been a pioneer in following a self paced and personalized learning model based on inquiry based learning with assisted practice.


    US National 2017 - 1st Place
    See championship run

    California 2016 - 1st & 2nd Place

    ACSEF 2016 - 2 out of 4 prizes

YoungWonks 4-step approach

  1. Showing kids what technology can do.
  2. Sparking kids keen interest in understanding how it happened.
  3. Explaining how it happened.
  4. Once concept is understood, give projects to be creative and apply the knowledge.

The curriculum emphasizes, learning by doing. Most of the material will be taught by having kids complete projects individually and in small teams.

YoungWonks believes that every child is different and can take different time to learn. Many times students give up when they can't keep pace with rest of the class. Our small student teacher ratio enables our instructors to spend more time with kids and teens that needs additional help and makes sure that every student understands the concept. Student is expected to work on the new concepts only when we are sure they understood foundational concepts.

YoungWonks offers classes to kids and teens from all over the bay area at our east bay facility in Pleasanton CA. Classes are attended by kids and teens from all over the bay area including San Ramon CA, Dublin CA, Livermore CA, Fremont CA, Danville CA, Castro Valley CA and beyond.

YoungWonks also offers online computer programming (coding) classes to students all over the world.

YoungWonks believes that good teaching needs individual attention and the program is offered with great student to teacher ratio of 4:1