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Java AP Computer Science A Prep Classes (Online)


AP Computer Science A Prep class, is a course designed for high school students currently taking the AP Computer Science A (APCS) course or planning to take the AP Computer Science A course. This prep course prepares the students for the APCS course curricula and exams. This Java Programming Language course follows the College Board course curricula for the advanced placement AP Computer Science A exams.

This course prepares students for the APCS's Multiple-Choice Questions and the Free-Response Questions.

This hands-on class is taught in a private one-to-one format. The YoungWonks teaching pedagogy of inquiry-based learning with assisted practice is followed. Students work on coding assignments with teacher assistance during the class and work on homework assignments independently after the class. To make the learning meaningful, teachers try to assign real-world coding problems.

Students check and submit homework on the YoungWonks Student Portal. Every assignment question is a running thread, where students can communicate back and forth throughout the week. This class focuses on developing computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Students are expected to use appropriate algorithms to solve the assigned coding assignments. Students also learn the Java Programming syntax.

This computer programming course covers the College Board curricula course requirements, including these programming concepts:

  • Primitive Data Types
  • Boolean Expressions and If Statements
  • Iteration
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Writing Classes and understanding class hierarchy
  • Java Constructors
  • Using Objects
  • Polymorphism
  • Data Structures such as Arrays, 2D Arrays, ArrayList etc.
  • Java Inheritance (Superclass and Subclass)
  • Recursion

Many schools have an AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) course as a prerequisite to taking the AP Computer Science A (APCSA) course.

AP Computer Science Principles is an advanced placement course, which means that this is a college-level course offered in high school and may get college credit at some colleges. Parents and students should contact their schools to know more.

You can try the YoungWonks AP Computer Science A Prep class for free by attending the free 45-minute trial class. To schedule the trial class please visit: https://www.youngwonks.com/welcome/free-coding-class-trial?skill_name=Java