Arduino and Raspberry Pi:

Arduino is a single-board microcontroller, designed to give students an inexpensive and easy way to program interactive objects.

Arduino comes with a simple integrated development environment (IDE) to program the device.

Home automation to control temperature, lighting, landscaping irrigation, automatic curtains, and home security system are examples of Arduino projects.

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer. Raspberry Pi was designed by group of teachers, academics and computer enthusiasts to devise a computer to inspire children.

Tools are available for Python to be the main programming language on this device. Some examples of the projects that can be completed using Raspberry Pi are, robots, synched music and christmas lights, humidity sensor, temperature sensor and home automation devices to control lighting, landscaping irrigation, automatic curtains, etc.

YoungWonks Raspberry Pi and Arduino program for kids and teens not only teaches attendees the electronics, computer science concepts, it also teaches them to be makers and innovators. This is also a great program for kids and teens to build very high level of coding, critical thinking, perseverance and teamwork skills.

The program is offered in class with 04:01 student teacher ratio. Kids and teens typically attend one 1.5-hour class per week at one of our coding and making labs.

This coding and making program is also offered as an online Raspberry Pi and Arduino class to students all over the world. The student teacher ratio of the online class is 01:01.

Holiday programs (summer and spring programs) have more frequent classes. Please contact YoungWonks for scheduling details.

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Coding (Computer Programming) and Engineering Classes for Kids and Teens. Curriculum based on hands on robotics and game development projects.
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