Circuit Magic

Children and grown ups use electronics every day but most of us don't know what goes on inside them.

The YoungWonks Circuit Magic program will give children the ability to understand the fundamentals of electronics and how electronic devices work.

The program gives children the ability to understand the electrical concepts like current, resistance, capacitance and impedance.

The program will also familiarize attendees about the functioning of basic electrical and electronic components like batteries, relays, resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, diodes, and transistors.

The program will also make the attendees comfortable with using the electronic tools such as breadboards, switches, alligator clips, wires, wire strippers, meters, voltage adapters and LED's.

The attendees will work in small teams to build oscillators and amplifiers.

Attendees will also learn the basic concepts of integrated circuits including timer, logic and counter chips. They will also work on a project that uses these along with many of the electric and electronic devices.

This Class along with the python programming class provides a strong foundation for the YoungWonksArduino and Raspberry Pi prototyping class.

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