Scratch Programming For Kids Online Classes Level 0

Scratch Coding Classes for Kids and Youth

(Online and Onsite)

Scratch programming for kids online classes

Scratch programming classes at YoungWonks, also known as Scratch coding classes, teach the YoungWonks computer programming course designed for kids and teenagers (youth). This course teaches fundamental computer programming concepts to kids and teens. This training class is a great way to start your children with Computer Science.

This introductory computer language training course teaches kids and youth coding concepts such as sequencing, branching (conditional statements), looping, variables, arrays, and procedures (blocks). They use these computer science concepts, critical thinking, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills to write code for the assigned quizzes and assignments.

In this drag-and-drop block-based visual programming language, kids and teens learn computer programming by arranging blocks correctly to get the desired results.

In this Scratch coding course, students use sprites and coding blocks to build interactive stories, animations, and fun Scratch games. Learning Scratch in this program is interactive and fun.

This Scratch coding experience gives learners a solid foundation to start the YoungWonks Python Programming course. This coding course also provides an excellent foundation for learning Java, Javascript, or other programming languages.

Those who spend more time with Scratch coding can also use code blocks for advanced video game development and to control the Raspberry Pi GPIO input output pins. This can allow working on robotics projects. Kids love seeing robots perform actions based on the code blocks they write.

This coding class for beginner programmers is offered as an in-person class at the YoungWonks Coding School facility and is also offered as an online Scratch course at the YoungWonks online coding school.

The classes are typically attended by kid coders between the ages of 8 to 10 years old. Kids too young to start a computer concepts-based Scratch coding class can try simpler programs, Scratch Jr.

The YoungWonks in-class program has a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio, and our online programs have a 1:1 student-teacher ratio. This makes sure that every student gets individual attention to understand the programming concepts.

You can enroll for the YoungWonks computer programming by scheduling a free trial class.

About Scratch Programming

Scratch is an educational coding language that was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group, led by Professor Mitchel Resnick, at the MIT Media Lab. According to Professor Resnick, "As young people create Scratch projects, they are not just learning to write computer programs. They are learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively - essential skills for success in today's world." The Scratch website can be accessed at: https://scratch.mit.edu/. We recommend that you create an account on this coding platform. This platform is web-based and free. You can access it from any computer with a web browser, including Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks.