Scratch Programming For Kids Online Classes Level 0

Scratch Programming for Kids and Youth

(Online and On-Site)

scratch programming for kids online classes

Scratch programming (coding) is a computer programming course designed for kids and teenagers (youth) to learn fundamental computer programming concepts. This computer training class is a great way to get your children started in the field of Computer Science.

In this basic computer language training course kids and youth learn computer programming concepts such as sequencing, branching, looping and variables. The use these concepts and their critical thinking to solve assigned problems.

In this program kids and teens learn computer programming arranging blocks with unique abilities. 

This coding class for beginners is offered at the YoungWonks Online Coding School as well as at the YoungWonks Coding School facility.

Completion of this program gives a solid foundation to start the YoungWonks Python Programming course. The YoungWonks in-class program has a 4:1 student to teacher ratio and our online programs have a 1:1 student teacher ratio. This makes sure that every student gets individual attention to understand the programming concepts.

Learn computer programming today by completing the form on the admission page.

About Scratch Programming:

Scratch is an educational programming language that was developed by Lifelong Kindergarten group, led by Professor Mitchel Resnick, at the MIT Media Lab. According to Professor Resnick, "As young people create scratch projects they are not just learning to write computer programs. They are learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – essential skills for success in today's world."