How to install Tensorflow on a Mac

There are two ways of installing Tensorflow; there's Tensorflow CPU and Tensorflow GPU. This blog tells you how to install Tensorflow CPU on your Mac

Where we break down Tensorflow CPU installation on a Mac into quick, simple steps

How is tensorflow installed on a Mac. The step-by-step tutorial for installing tensorflow using simple steps.

Apr 23, 2019    By Team YoungWonks *


How can you install Tensorflow on your Mac? This blog shall tell you how...


But before we look at the steps, a quick look at what is Tensorflow. TensorFlow is basically a free and open-source software library for dataflow and differentiable programming across a variety of tasks. It is a symbolic math library, and is also used for machine learning applications such as neural networks. Developed by the Google Brain team, it is being used for both research and production at Google.‍ Tensorflow can be installed either through CPU installation or GPU installation.


Below are the instructions to be followed for installing Tensorflow CPU on a Mac computer: 


  • If Python is installed, go to terminal as shown below.

Mac screengrab1


  • Then type pip3 as shown below.

Mac screengrab2



  • If pip is already installed on your Mac, you will see a lot of options as shown below. 

Mac screengrab3


  • Then type pip3 install tensorflow as shown below. 

Mac screengrab4


  • This will take some time after which Tensorflow will get installed on your Mac as shown below. 

Mac screengrab5


  • To confirm that Tensorflow has been installed on your Mac, open IDLE and type import tensorflow as tf as shown below. 

Mac screengrab6


  • If there are no errors, then it means Tensorflow has been succesfully installed on your Mac.

Mac screengrab7


Below is a video explaining the Tensorflow (CPU) installation on a Mac:



If you want to upgrade the Tensorflow on your Mac, the command to be typed is as follows: pip install --upgrade tensorflow

If you wish to see how you can install Tensorflow on your Windows computer, visit our blog here: https://www.youngwonks.com/blog/How-to-install-Tensorflow-on-Windows



*Contributors: Written by Prajwal Manurajan; Edited by: Vidya Prabhu; Lead image by: Leonel Cruz

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