Kids Coding Languages

Kids Coding Languages

This blog talks about the beginner-friendly coding languages for kids. Read our blog to learn more...

Kids Coding Languages where specific languages are explained along with their advantages.

Feb 06, 2023    By Team YoungWonks *

What are Programming Languages?

Programming languages are computer languages. These languages are used to send instructions to the computer to perform certain tasks. They contain set of instructions written in a specific format which is used by the computer to perform the task. The set of instructions has to be written in a specific format based on the language. There are two types of coding languages i.e. block-based coding and text based coding languages. The various languages are Python, Java, C++, scratch etc. Programmers use these languages to communicate with the computer. These languages require compilers or interpreters to convert it into machine language.

In today’s world everything is turning automated. The technology is changing and improving every now and then. Programming indirectly allows the user to find solutions for real-world problems. Therefore, computer programming becomes very important as it allows the humans to communicate with computers and devices. It is a fundamental skill which is not only used by coders for software development. It is also used for machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, game development, web development and provides smooth online experience through government portal, banking apps. Hence it is important to learn coding languages to develop and learn new technologies.

In this blog we will talk about the various coding languages which kids can start learning at an young age. It allows the kids to learn the fundamental computer science concepts. As they learn the various coding languages kids also develop their critical thinking and problem-solving ability. These abilities helps them in their classroom subjects as well. Let us now discuss the various best kids coding languages.


Kids Coding Languages

1. Scratch

This beginner-friendly programming language is developed by mit. It is a visual programming language which is kids-friendly. Scratch is a block based programming language. It is best suitable for young kids. They can strengthen the basics of coding by using simple drag and drop blocks. The code blocks available has instructions written which is easy to understand. Further, it allows the kids to understand the fundamentals of computer science and builds their analytical and critical thinking. Scratch has a colorful user-friendly interface which is loved by kids. Kids can use scratch to create animations, interactive stories and games. The interactive interface of scratch makes it one of the best programming languages. It also has an online community where kids can share their stories and games with others. Scratch is one of the best way to start teaching kids coding. There are a few other block-based programming languages as well. Read our blog on What is Block Coding? to learn more about it.


2. Python

Python is one of the easiest coding language to teach coding. Python code is written in simple English and has the easiest syntax. These features makes it easy for kids to understand and write lines of code.

Python is a scripting language which makes use of text-based coding. Currently, it is one of the most popular programming language. It consists of extensive libraries which can be used for machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, robotics, etc. There are plenty of web frameworks available as well. Kids can learn the fundamentals faster making their basic programming skills stronger. Python can be downloaded directly from the official website on windows or mac. Mastering computer science concepts while learning Python will push the kids to learn advanced programming languages faster. As the computer science fundamentals remains the same its only the syntax which changes with each programming language.

To learn more about Python programming language refer to our blogs section at https://www.youngwonks.com/blogs to read Python related blogs.


3. Ruby

Ruby is a object oriented programming language. It is a very robust language with readable syntax. Kids can easily grasp the syntax of this programming language. Ruby is dynamically typed and has in time compilation. Further, Ruby is used with rails to develop web applications both frontend and backend development. Rails is a web framework. This framework was developed in 2005 which consists of all the requirements to create a full-fledged website. Twitter is built using this programming language. Therefore kids who want to learn web development sooner can start with this programming language.


4. Java

Java is a little tougher programming language compared to Python and Ruby. It is one of the oldest programming languages along with C and C++. This is also an object oriented programming language. Generally, it takes little longer for kids to get used to its syntax and also understand the concepts of objects, inheritance, classes, etc. However if kids learn this programming language first it will get easier for them to learn the other programming languages. For Java setup, you can install the JDK. Java has been used by the fortune 500 companies to develop their apps and software. It is used for web development, android app development, desktop GUI apps, enterprise applications, scientific applications and Big Data technologies. Using the jMonkey engine, Java even supports 3D game development. One of the most popular trading app Murex is written in Java. Minecraft which is one of the most popular sandbox gaming platform also makes use of the Java programming language.


5. Lua

Lua is an open-source programming language. This is a visual programming language which is built on top of C language. It is a very interesting coding language to learn if the kids are interested in video games, image processing and robotics. This is a free embeddable scripting language. It is designed to reduce the chances of error making it more simpler and efficient for kids to learn. Lua developers have created the gaming platforms such as Roblox and many games such as angry bird which makes use of this programming language. This is a powerful language if you wish to build games in Roblox. Further it makes use of the free languages available and has a wide spread community similar to Scratch. Thus if kids want to directly enter into the gaming world by coding games or robotics Lua is a great point to start with.


Examples to compare different programming languages

Let us now discuss a few examples to understand the syntax of a few programming languages. These examples would also describe a few common computer science concepts written in different coding languages. We have picked 5 languages i.e. Scratch, Python, Java, C++ and Ruby. We have specifically not mentioned about learning C++ coding language as the syntax is similar to Java and C++ is slower than Java.

Example 1

Kids coding languages create variables

The example given above shows how to create a variable in different languages. In Java and C++ the data type has to be specified.

Example 2

Kids coding languages conditional statements

In the second example above we can understand how conditional statements are written in different languages.

Example 3

Kids coding languages lists

In the last example given above we can observe how a list is created and used in different languages.


At YoungWonks, we teach Scratch, Python, advanced computer science concepts using Python, Web development and Data Science. We have realized that giving kids and teens these skills at an young age will help them to keep up to date with the cutting edge-technology and build their approach to world issues and solutions.



In this blog we have discussed about a few beginner-friendly kids coding languages. Apart from the programming languages mentioned above there are many other coding languages as well. Coding languages such as CSS, Javascript, HTML, C++, C which can be learnt. There is a specific coding language designed for iOS users known as Swift programming language. This is made to function within the Apple ecosystem such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Kids can learn these programming languages as well but a great starting point will be from the programming languages mentioned above. We have also made sure to highlight the usage of each programming language so that its easier for kids to pick one or more based on their area of interest.

Discovering the Best Coding Languages for Kids

Choosing the right coding language for kids is a critical step in setting them up for success in the highly digital future. At YoungWonks, we believe in equipping children with the skills and knowledge they need through our comprehensive Coding Classes for Kids. Our Python Coding Classes for Kids are specifically designed to introduce young learners to programming in a fun and engaging way, utilizing Python's straightforward syntax and versatility. For those kids interested in more interactive and hardware-based projects, our Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Game Development Coding Classes offer an exciting opportunity to apply coding skills in creating real-world projects. This comprehensive approach ensures that every child can find a programming language and a learning path that best fits their interests and goals.

*Contributors: Written by Aayushi Jayaswal; Lead image by Shivendra Singh

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