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Onsite coding classes for kids offered in Pleasanton, CA have restarted with limited capacity.

Laptop showing coding languages taught to kids such as Python, Raspberry Pi

Real professional-level programming taught to kids in a simple, effective way.

We teach the same programming languages and the same framework as used in the leading tech companies for professional-level software development projects.

Track record and outcome

YoungWonks hackday

See the HackDay July 2020 reel.
Real projects by real students. No actors.



track record of turning kids into professional programmers.

WASC Accreditation


Accredited by the same organization that accredits elementary, middle,
junior-high, high and adult schools
in the western United States.

Check more WASC info by clicking here

Most after-school programs in the US are not accredited.

Professional Faculty


Professional teachers and coders
with bachelor's degree or higher

YoungWonks does not hire college students to be teachers

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Instructor led weekly LIVE classes plus 24/7 Access to the World's best content.

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  • Classwork Exercises
  • Homework Exercises
  • Projects
  • Reference Sheets

Blended Learning at its Best!


  • acclaimed-curriculum

    Acclaimed Curriculum

    World's most comprehensive Computer Science curriculum for Kids and Teens.

  • project-based

    Project Based

    Our project and exercise based approach makes learning fun. There are NO class lectures at YoungWonks.

  • self-paced

    Self Paced

    Self paced program makes learning interesting, fun and with deep conceptual understanding.

  • year-round-program

    Year Round Program

    Year-Round program provides ongoing increase in knowledge with no knowledge-loss due to breaks.

  • assisted-practice

    Assisted Practice

    Hands-on inquiry-based learning with teacher assisted practice makes learning deep and thorough.

  • python-oriented

    Python Oriented

    Sticking with one language reduces syntax-confusion and helps in deeper understanding of Computer Science concepts


  • Kairan
    YoungWonks student for 3+ years
    Prodigy kid programmer featured on Good morning America (ABC news) Huff post and more
    Thank you YoungWonks for being the single most important educational contributor to his growth. Our family is forever grateful.
    Kairan's mother
  • Oliver
    YoungWonks student for 4+ years
    Exceptional programmer and maker. Winner of National & International ROBORAVE robotics awards
    YoungWonks curriculum grows with you. They're always willing to tailor their teaching to exactly what you want to learn, and they're never afraid to try emerging new technologies.
  • Anika
    YoungWonks student for 4+ years
    Outstanding programmer and maker. Maker Faire exhibitor

    I found YoungWonks to be exactly what I was looking for, affordable, professional, technical, interesting and fun.
    Anika's Father

OUR Students WON AT


    California- 1st Place
    4 years in a row

    2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019


    International- 1st Place

    See championship run


YoungWonks Parent Apps keep you updated of the projects your child is working on, get instructor feedback, check class schedule and schedule make-up classes.

Managing your child's after-school activity has never been so easy.

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